White Faced Heron

DSC_4033This image of a white faced heron is enhanced with a vignette frame in the corners

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It’s a Dog’s Life!!

DSC_1758This St Bernard obviously had a hard day as he wasn’t moving for anyone!

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At the End of the Rainbow


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Little Rays of Sunshine


Sometimes, you just need to have a camera handy to capture images like this,

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Progress on My Novel – Needing Help with a Suitable Cover

I’ve kept on track and in 3 months I’ve written 16 chapters with 5 more to go.  What an amazing journey this has been!  My characters have developed to the point where I can write from their perspective.  The story line has changed slightly over time, but only to fill in gaps where it was needed.  I’ve relied on narrative a great deal and I may have to go back and add descriptive passages to break it up.

All I have really have problems with now is the cover. Any suggestions based on the synopsis below?  I thought of a last will and testament background and a skull superimposed on top.

My novel is about an ex soldier who inherits a large sum of money from someone he befriended in Afghanistan, on the understanding that he finds the missing relatives of his friend.  If he fails to find them, he inherits the lot.  The missing heirs start dying like flies, by poisoning with a substance called ricin, a derivative from the castor oil plan and with no known antidote. This leaves the ex-soldier as the the only inheritor and looking more and more like he’s the culprit.  The method of murder is  He is determined to clear his name by investigating the murders himself and eventually brings the murderer to justice, and at the same time discovering a final missing relative to inherit the fortune.

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This is What We Call an Ant Hill!

Palmerston, NT

We just had to stop the car on our way to Darwin.  The size of this ant hill – 3 meters high – just blew us away!

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The Joys of Youth

MM Study (2)

These young animals could teach us a thing or two about social harmony.

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