Day 1 of the NaNoWriMo Challenge

Today is my first day of the National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.

I need to be able to write a minimum of 50,000 words which is 1,667 words a day, every day for the whole of November!

It sounds difficult but not impossible, as long as I remember not to agonise over every choice of word, or apt phrase and to leave the review until after the end of November.

My one great advantage is that I had already scoped out an outline for each chapter and finalised my choice of characters,  All I have to do is fill in the blanks.  So, distractions aside, I look forward to achieving this challenge. I’ll post my progress from time to time during this month.

Wish me luck!

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Superb Location for a Water Dragon by the Lake

I came across this water dragon sunning itself by the Lake.  What a top spot!


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Great Free Resource for Crime Writers

I was browsing one of the forums relating to murder/thriller authors and one of the members there provided information about a great resource called “The Physical Evidence Handbook”.  It details collection of evidence procedure, DNA,  firearms, fibers, autopsy etc. A must for budding murder and crime writers.

Thanks to Marysia Kurowski at Thriller Writers.

You can download a free copy here

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National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO)

To all budding novelists and established authors, why don’t you join me in the 50,000 words a month writing challenge?  It’s fun, challenging and there are no prizes, other than the satisfaction of being a participant.   View here to join

Start your challenge midnight 1 November and end 30 November 2014

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My Lighting Diagrams eBook now has 22 reviews, placing it firmly on the Amazon Kindle best seller list for its category..

Here are some reviews of my book “Lighting Diagrams” from people who have recently bought it.

5 Stars
• October 12, 2014
“Practical and very helpful manual. A must have to help photographers and amateurs dealing with lighting.” By Simo B “Simo”

• October 1, 2014
“Really Short book. But, one of the most helpful books I have ever read.” By Lance Bedford (Dallas TX)

• September 19, 2014
“very good.” By Philippe Braem

• August 10, 2014
“I am such a visual learner and this book was just what I’ve been waiting for. So many tell you how to set up and place your lights but it can be confusing. The full diagrams in this book are perfect. They leave no doubt as to how to set up lighting. Thank you!
By Shad Young

• July 23, 2014
“Very helpful to a beginner. Recommended.” By Douglas Buckser.

4 ½ Stars
• October 12, 2014:
“Straight forward and simple! You can’t miss.” By Mr DJ (Needham, MA USA)

• October 9, 2014
“Just what I needed to start taking better photos asap. So clear, right to the point. Text, photo, diagram, done. Perfect.” By T. Lampe “Imagine That” (WNY, USA)

• September 11, 2014
“Cheap, simple, portable and handy.” By David

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#1 Best Seller on Amazon Kindle

My Lighting Diagrams eBook continues to be the #1 best seller on Amazon Kindle for its category.

There are 19 reviews with a rating of 4.5/5 stars

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Opportunistic Bush Turkey


I was feeding the parrots in my back yard and when I turned around, this bush turkey was helping himself at the buffet!

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