It’s a Cat’s Life



This is Henrietta, the stray cat that has lived out in our backyard for the last 2 years!  She’s lying under a tree waiting for the birds to land.  She thinks she’s camouflaged under the tree – not!

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Creatures of the Night

DSC_4303  DSC_4306

I enjoy night time photography because of the surprises you can get just using torch light.

This moth was still and suitably camouflaged.  I was able to spot it when the eyes glowed red,

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A Photo of a Frozen Niagara Falls, Taken Nearly a Century Ago


This a photograph of a frozen Niagara Falls taken about  a century ago.  It compares well with the harsh weather that is being experienced there today.

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Bare Bones Photography

DSC_4294_fixed 800

If this was shadow puppetry, would this be two deer kissing?

This is an x-ray of my hands, following a visit to the doc to check out arthritic type pains I’ve been experiencing recently.   I thought this particular shot was unusual enough to share.

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Chapter 2 of “Manifesto for a Serial Killer” is now available on Brian Parkin’s Blog

Chapter 2 of  my novel “Manifesto for a Serial Killer” can be read here:


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